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Many people May not understand how many connections live inside of vibration tools. The tool we have in the video has seven connections. People generally assume that if you put a high torque connection at each end you have a high torque tool. That's not how it works. You have to develop a connection for each segment in the tool. What's happening downhole is the equivalent of applying torque to one end, while holding the other. If we rate a tool for 20,000 foot pounds, or 35,000 foot pounds, we have to understand that downhole conditions hold the tool at one end, and we apply a large amount of torque at the rig end. This is one way impulse differentiates itself from our competitors. Our competitors will claim to have a high torque tool but if you really ran the simulation and torque the tool over the entire length, there could be connections that fail, as they may not all be high torque connections. When we're developing a tool, reliability is paramount. We felt as we developed this tool, if we couldn't have continuous high torque connections through the tool, we would start to see weaker links in the chain. There's a power section inside this tool. If we reverted back to the old style, ACME connection to the power section. We'd be just looking for a place for it to fail, whether that failure was through torque or through bending as we went through the build section. The video shows a tool in the makeup machine. Each one of the seven connections on the vibratory tool will be made up in the shop. The torque logger is used to log make up torque. Legacy tools with ACME connections would be torqued to 12000 foot pounds. Our high torque double shoulder balanced connections will be torqued to 21,000 foot pounds. A log is created and the client receives the torque log when the tool is sent to the rig. Thus they know the tool has been pre-torqued to 21,000 foot pounds.

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