Impulse Downhole
Focused on improving the horizontal drilling process
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focused on improving the horizontal drilling process


Leading edge Technology

Impulse DHT is focused on reducing the overall friction encountered when horizontal drilling. The company is comprised of a group of individuals who have focused their entire careers in the oil field service sector and have a proven track record of designing and implementing new technologies. 

READ OUR CASE STUDY (Swan Hills – 2018)

READ OUR CASE STUDY (Reagan Co., Tx – 2019)

Our three main areas of focus are:

  1. Drill String Dynamics – new designs of vibration tools that are placed in the drill string to reduce the amount of friction encountered when drilling
    a. PowerPulse™ – An axial vibration tool providing constant vibration which is activated as soon as the rigs pumps are engaged.
    b. ActiPulse™ – An axial vibration tool that is activated by an activation ball dropped from surface, vibration is activated when needed.
    c. The HT Series – The above tools described but built with high torque connections for harsh drilling environments.

  2. Drill String Design – Increasing drill pipe rigidity in order to minimize points of contact in the well bore.

  3. Mitigating Drilling Issues – Reducing reactive torque, minimize cutter impact damage on drill bits and to allow for more uniform weight on bit (WOB) transfer from surface applied parameters to downhole actual parameters.